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Checks those data manipulations against the database that are currently unchecked.

Returns a Promise object or the 'this' object.


.checkData( options )


options  ::=  {

    quiet:  quiet

,   waitState:  wait-state

,   precommit:  precommit

,   promise:  promise

,   success:  success-function

,   error:  error-function



quiet       ::=  { true | false }

wait-state  ::=  { true | false }

precommit   ::=  { true | false }

promise     ::=  true | false }

Options is a struct that can have the following items, all of which are optional.

Quiet is a boolean that determines whether or not a message is displayed when an error occurs. The default is false, meaning that a message is displayed by default.

Wait-state automatically adds a loading icon to the application window while this function is being executed. This is especially useful if the server needs an unusually long time to complete.

Precommit performs a pre-commit query automatically after all manipulations have been successfully executed, to determine if these queries are also committable. In that case, these manipulations are flagged as ‘checked’. The default is false, which means that this pre-commit query is not automatically performed, and this flag is not set.

Promise determines the return value of this function. If promise has the value 'true' (the default), a Promise object is returned. If promise has the value 'false', the ‘this’ object is returned instead.

Success-function is a function called after the operation has successfully completed.

Error-function is a function called if an error occurs.





$.udb.checkData({precommit:true, quiet:true}).then(function() { alert('All manipulations are correct.'); });