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Creates a new rowset in the data source for some parent key.

Returns the associated Rowset object.


.createRowSet( parent-key )

The possible values for the required parent-key are described in topic: dsc.rowSet() function.

NOTE 1: If parent-key has the value 'current', then no Rowset object is created, and the currently active Rowset is returned.

NOTE 2: if the Rowset to be created already exists, then no new Rowset is created.





 source: "TreeControl",

 success: function(options) {

         $.udb(options.dsRefs).trigger("showdata", {parentId: row.rowId(), pKeys: 

                 parentKey, mode: null, source: 'openfolder', nodeId: 




 hostvars: this.getParentKeys(childProps.alias, row),

 args: {nodeId: n}