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Detects whether the data source automatically queries the next data sets. This depends on the value of the 'Automatically query next data sets' property of the data source. If this value is true, the data source automatically queries the next 9 data sets relative to the currently selected data set, after the last set has been queried. This is done asynchronically, so that the user is not hindered by its progress.

Returns a boolean.





This example uses executeInContext(); for more information about this function, go to the "Contexts" article in the "Active Web Browsers" section of the Knowledge Base on USoft Community.

if ($.udb(this.dsId).isAutoQuery() && options.dsi < this.currentDSI+9 && options.dsi < this.nofSets) {

 var _this = this;

 var context = $.udb.currentFrameId;


         $.udb.executeInContext(context, function() {

                 _this.get({dsi: options.dsi + 1});

         }, _this);

 }, 5);