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Sends a signal to the server to notify that the connection must be kept alive. This function can also be used to test if the current credentials on the session kept by the server are still valid, and notify the client of this, so that the intended page can be displayed (instead of a login page).


.ping( options ) 


options  ::=  {

    checkCredential:  check-credentials

,   noPageEngine:  no-page-engine

,   success:  success-function



check-credentials  ::=  { true | false }

no-page-engine     ::=  { true | false }

Options is a struct that can have the following items, all of which are optional.

Check-credentials is a boolean specifying whether or not credentials must be verified. Default is 'false', meaning that credentials are NOT checked by default.

No-page-engine is a boolean specifying whether or not this action must always make a connection with the Page Engine (which is mandatory when credentials must be checked). The default is false, meaning that a connection is made with the Page Engine by default.

Success-function is a function that is called immediately after executing the ping() action.




    checkCredential: true,

    success: function() {


            pageName: $.udb.settings.get("startPage")