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Gets a row set of the data source for a specified parent key.

Returns a Rowset object. If parent-key refers to an existing Rowset object in the data source, then the details of this Rowset are returned in a Rowset object. Otherwise, the return value is undefined.


.rowSet( parent-key )


parent-key  ::=  { current | key-string key-object }


key-object  ::=  {

     data-source-id : {

        key-column : value

        , ...


  , ...


The required parent-key must be one of the following:

The literal string 'current'. This refers to the currently active row set of the data source.

Any other key-string representing the row set's parent key. This must be an exact match to any Rowset object in the data source object in the data layer.

An object that is a struct specifying one or more parent keys for at least one data source. This object is transformed to the corresponding key-string at runtime.

NOTE: For more on keys strings, go to the Rowset help topic. See also the Rowset.keysString() function.



var rowSet = $.udb('EMP').rowSet('current');

if (rowSet.exists()) {