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Specifies that one or more actions must be performed after a specified idle-time has elapsed. An idle-time is a time interval during which no activity is detected by the server on behalf of the client session.


.setTimeout( time-out-specification )


time-out-specification  ::= {

      minutes:  idle-time

,     func:     idle-function



idle-time      ::=  { 15 | }

idle-function  ::=  { $.udb.showLogin() | }

The optional time-out-specification is a struct that may contain the following items.

Idle-time is an integer that is a number of minutes of idle-time. Idle-time represents the time interval that must pass before idle-function is performed. If idle-time is not specified, the default '15' is applied.

Idle-function is a function that must be executed after idle-time has elapsed. If idle-function is not specified, the $.udb.showLogin function is executed.



 minutes: 45,

 func: function(){
         $.udb.executeSQLStatement("login_history", {}, {

                 success: function() {

                         $.udb.commit({quiet: true});


                 error: function() {

                         $.udb.rollback({quiet: true});



         $.udb.logout({page: "PoolAppApplicationStartPage"});