Associating users with roles

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To give a user access to data, jobs and components associated with a role, you need to associate the user with the role.

Roles belong to applications. You must identify the application that you want the user to access.

A user may be associated with 1 or with multiple roles of the application, or with no roles at all. If a user has multiple roles:

If the application runs WITHOUT the "merged roles" arrangement, the role that the user is given on login is the user's default role for the application. Under this arrangement, there will be some application-specific feature that allows the user to switch to a different role. Without such a feature, there is no point in giving the user other roles than the default role.

If the application runs WITH the "merged roles" arrangement, the user has access to the combination of all the resources of all the roles on login, regardless of which of the roles is the default role for that user and that application.

If the role you want to associate a user with is not listed in the Authorizer, you must import the role first.

You can associate a user with a role by looking from the point of view of the user (2nd section below), or from the point of view of the application (3rd section below).

collapseImporting roles
collapseFor a user, associating the user with a role
collapseFor an application, associating a user with a role



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