Merged roles and distinct roles

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By default, a USoft application is in distinct-roles mode. You can choose to switch to merged-roles mode instead.

How to switch between distinct-roles mode and merged-roles mode

To switch to merged-roles mode (and back to distinct-roles, if necessary), follow these steps:

1.In USoft Definer, from the menu, choose Define, Rules Engine Parameters.
2.Set the ROLE_MERGE parameter from False to True (or from True to False).

Distinct-roles mode

The picture below shows an application in distinct-roles mode. Person A has multiple roles, but at any one time, only 1 role is active. If Role 1 is currently the active role for person A, she does not have access to GUIDE resources. To get access to GUIDE resources, she must switch to Role 2, at which time she loses access to PLANNER and STAFF resources. Person B has access only to GUIDE resources because she has only Role 2.


Merged-roles mode

The picture below shows the same situation in merged-roles mode. This time, because the roles are merged, person A has access to all of the resources at the same time. Person B still has only access to the GUIDE resources because she is associated only with Role 2.



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