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Allowed values

{ True | False }


The underlined value is the USoft factory default. It applies if you have not set this deployment parameter to a different value.



This parameter may be set for all 3 deployment configuration contexts: Client Server, RunBatch, and Rules Service.

You can set this parameter in the Additional Parameters list at the bottom of the tab page for each context. To get there, in USoft Authorizer, choose Define, Deployment Configurations from the menu.



This parameter has an effect in settings where an application (such as MS Excel) calls a Rules Service that accesses the USoft ODBC data provider, as opposed to accessing a USoft data source through a non-ODBC channel. In such a setting, if Read_Only_ODBC = True, the Rules Service is restricted to querying (or: returning) application data, as opposed to being allowed to manipulate application data.

Using the Read_Only_ODBC parameter is a shortcut way of implementing authorisation rules. The alternative would be to define, in USoft Authorizer, a Table Right with Access Right = SELECT for each combination of role and application table.



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