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Boolean is one of the (4) primitive data types that an XPath expression can evaluate to. There is no XPath syntax for representing boolean values directly, but Boolean values are returned by the XPath functions of true() and false().

"Flag-based" string-to-boolean conversion

USoft Blend applies implicit data type conversion rules between the 4 XPath data types (nodeset, string, number, boolean) in the same way as XPath 1.0 and XSLT 1.0. In the case of booleans, USoft Blend offers an alternative string-to-boolean conversion mechanism referred to as "flag-based". "Flag-based" interprets the following strings (case-insensitively) as true():




and the following string (case-insensitively) as false():




This contrast with XPath's implicit conversion rule that non-empty strings always evaluate to true().

"Flag-based" string-to-boolean conversion is not the default: you must switch it on explicitly. For details, see the pc:assign-boolean help topic.

You can execute "flag-based" string-to-boolean conversion explicitly by calling the booleanflags:ToBoolean function.

You can extend the list of string that "flag-based" conversion interprets as false(). For details, see the following topics:




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