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Some USoft Blend directives are designed to contain and return a subsystem of XML elements referred to as embedded XML.

Embedded XML is a specialised use of XML. It is specific to the USoft Blend framework. In each case, embedded XML has the structure of an XML document: it contains a single top-level node (the document node).


This example shows XML embedded in a pc:Dialog element.

   <Form w="250">
      <Title>USoft Blend dialog</Title>
      <Label dx="5" dy="10" w="40" >This is a USoft Blend dialog.</Label>      
      <Button dy="20" newline="true"><Result>OK</Result>OK</Button>



collapseEmbedded XML as input
collapseEmbedded XML as output
collapseEmbedded XML as output, changing: pc:return
collapseEmbedded XML as output, referring to: assign:variable
collapseEmbedded XML as output, automatically suppressed
collapseEmbedded XML as a variable set: pc:defs



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