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Copies a file or a set of files to a different location. If there is an existing file(s) with the same name in that location, it's an error, except if you specify otherwise.

If successful, returns the following XML comment.

<!--files:CopyFile(source, destination) true-->



overwrite  ::=  { yes | no }

The required source is a filepath pointing to the file to be copied. The required destination is a filepath pointing to the target folder and filename.

For both source and destination, in the case of a relative filepath, the path is relative to the current working directory.

Source is allowed to be a path pattern (a path containing an asterisk ( * ) character as in Example 2. In this case, destination must identify a folder rather than a file, and all the files that match source are copied to destination.

If you pass the optional overwrite="yes", the effect is the same as pc:CopyFileOverwrite.


Example 1

<pc:CopyFile source="input.xml" destination="c:\temp\output.xml" />

Example 2

<pc:CopyFile source="*.xml" destination="c:\temp" />


If there is an existing file with the same name in the target location, and you do not pass overwrite="yes", then the call is ineffective, and the return value is:

<!--files:CopyFile(source, destination) The file 'destination' already exists.-->



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