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Runs the USoft "create-tables" routine for a specified or implied application in a specified database connection.

Returns a report of tables created and operations executed, in the same way as when the operation is started by selecting "Create Tables" in USoft Binder.





     { assign:result="" | pc:return="" }


db-platform  :=  { jdbc | oledb | oracle  }    

droptables    :=  { yes | no }

If application is not specified, it is set to user. If owner is not specified, it is set to user.

If the optional job is set, job must be the name of an existing USoft Batch job in application, and this job is executed as the last step of the "create-tables" routine.

The required rdbms, database, user and pwd together enable access to the database location where the "create-tables" routine is run.

You can suppress the return report by adding, alternatively, assign:result="" or pc:return="".

This operation is equivalent to running "Create Tables" from the context menu of a USoft Binder item, or (for the user application) choosing Tools, Physical Tables Create from the USoft Definer menu, or (for individual user application tables) pressing the Create Table button in the Tables window of USoft Definer.