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Executes a script section or resolves an attribute, and returns the result value (the outcome).

pc:evaluate is the counterpart of pc:void, which nullifies the result value.


<pc:evaluate attribute="value" ... >





You can use pc:evaluate if you are interested in having an attribute resolved (as in Example 1) and you want the script to produce the result value.


Example 1

<pc:evaluate select="service:InstallServiceMode('RulesService-7755', 'c:\usd90\bin\RulesService.exe', 'bla', 'manual')"/>


Example 2

As its second argument, the strings:ReplaceVariables function takes an XPath expression, which references the XML content of the pc:evaluate element.

<example xmlns:pc="Processing.Command">
   mytext="This is a story about a dog. The dog is named max and has a big tail" />
<pc:evaluate expression="strings:ReplaceVariables($mytext, r)">
  <r><abc NAME="lazy" VALUE="wild"/><def NAME="dog" VALUE="lazy cat"/><def NAME="max" VALUE="fifi"/></r>



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