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Attempts to parse the contents of a specified file as XML. If successful, returns that XML content as a node set, except if a variable is assigned as part of the directive, as in Example 2.

Returns an XML fragment.

If not successful, returns an error. See the "Errors" section.



<pc:ReadXmlFile filepath="file-path" />

The required filepath points to the file to be read. If filepath is a relative filepath, the path is relative to the current working directory.


Example 1

<pc:assign path="c:\temp\definerData.xml"/>
<pc:ReadXmlFile filepath="{$path}"/>


Example 2

<pc:assign path="c:\temp\definerData.xml"/>
<pc:ReadXmlFile filepath="{$path}" assign:rulemsg="rules/rule[2]"/>
<pc:value-of select="$rulemsg"/>

If the file's content is :

  <rule>This is rule 1.</rule>
  <rule>This is rule 2.</rule>

then Example 2 returns:

This is rule 2.

Example 3

This example reads a dialog description from a file and passes it to pc:Dialog which displays the dialog on the screen.

       <pc:ReadXmlFile filepath="c:\temp\mydialog.xml"/>


If the file does not contain valid XML, an <Error> element is returned such as the following:

<Error>The '<this>' start tag on line 2 position 4 does not match the end tag of 'that'.</Error>



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