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Produces a list of all the local Rules Services that match a configuration file in the \BIN64 subdirectory of the USoft installation directory (if you have a 64-bit installation), or in the \BIN subdirectory (if you have a 32-bit installation).

Returns an XML document.


<pc:RulesServiceList />

Return document

An example return document is:

   <Service DisplayName="RulesService-7778" name="RulesService-7778" MachineName="L3100100247" ServiceType="Win32OwnProcess" status="STOPPED" path="C:\usd91\bin64\RulesService.exe -run_as_service" />
   <Service DisplayName="RulesService-7780" name="RulesService-7780" MachineName="L3100100247" ServiceType="Win32OwnProcess" status="Running, can be stopped" path="C:\usd91\bin64\RulesService.exe -run_as_service" pid="14908" />


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