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Installs a Windows service on the local computer. This could be a USoft Rules Service, a server defined in USoft Service Definer (Service Framework server, or "SFW server"), or a non-USoft-specific service.





servicedescription  ::=  { servicename@publication-file-path | text-literal }


servicestartup  ::=  { manual | automatic | disabled | delayed | 

                       waitfor:servicename[,servicename...] }

The required servicename is the Windows service name by which you want to install the service.

The required servicepath is an absolute path leading to the .exe file that is able to install the service. For USoft-specific executables see the sections below.

The required servicedescription must have the format servicename@publication-file-path if you are installing a server for the USoft Service Framework. See the "Installing a server for the USoft Service Framework" section in this help topic. Otherwise, servicedescription is any description text. The value of servicedescription shows up in the Windows Services panel.

The optional servicestartup determines the Windows service's Startup Type. If you choose the option:



then the service can only start after the specified other service(s) has (have) been started first. See Example 1 in the "Installing a USoft SFW Server" section below.



collapseInstalling a USoft Rules Service
collapseInstalling a USoft SFW server
collapseInstalling a non-USoft-specific service



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