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Terminates the script.


     test="xpath >> boolean"
     { msg | message } = "text-literal" 
     exitcode=exitcode />

The attributes are all optional. If test is specified, the script is terminated only if test evaluates to Boolean true(). If msg or message is specified, message is returned to the calling interface on termination.

If exitcode is specified, exitcode is returned as an error code to the calling shell on termination, as demonstrated by:

<root xmlns:pc="Processing.Command">
    <pc:assign-string-default exitcode="-1"/>
    <pc:ConsoleWrite>Use echo %ERRORLEVEL% to inspect the exit code is <pc:value-of select="$exitcode"/> after this script has terminated.</pc:ConsoleWrite>
    <pc:terminate exitcode="$exitcode"/>


Example 1

This example terminates a script if it is not run as Administrator.

<pc:terminate test="not(wrights:HasAdminRole())" msg="{concat('Admin role is required. Available roles:', wrights:Roles())}"/>


Example 2

This example terminates a script if starting a Rules Service was unsuccessful:

<pc:RunRulesService waittime="10000"
    user="MYNAME" pwd="MYPWD" rdbmstype="oracle" connection="XE" application="MYAPP" 
    assign:appconn="/*/@id" assign:rsstate="RulesService/@state" assign:logurl="RulesService/@logurl" assign:hint="RulesService/@error-hint" />
    msg="{concat('application service did not start (state=', $rsstate, ') logurl=', $logurl, 'hint=', $hint)}" 


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