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Returns the information, warning or error message (if any) that was most recently stored by the USoft Blend processor. This will often be a message as encountered in USoft Rules Service logs. This takes the form of a "flat" text. The Blend processor sets or overwrites this message each time it encounters a message in the result of a function call.

Returns a text node. By contrast, pc:msg returns an XML fragment.


<pc:textmsg />



This example is an attempt to import a record with a non-unique primary key:

<pc:XmlImport connection="{$myconn}" commit="commit" source="{$myfile}">
   <pc:ConsoleWrite>Application data imported.<pc:newline/></pc:ConsoleWrite>
   <pc:ConsoleWrite>Error: Failed to import application data.

The return message from the Rules Engine looks like this:

Key "Tours.(Destination,Type)" with value "(AUSTRALIA,ISLAND SUNTANNER)" is not unique.

The value returned by <pc:textmsg/> looks like this:

Key "Tours.(Destination,Type)" with value "(AUSTRALIA,ISLAND SUNTANNER)" is not unique.
At: /root[(1)]/pc:AppendFile[(1)]/pc:XmlImport[(1)]&lt;pc:XmlImport connection="{$appconn}" commit="commit" source="{$importapppath}" /&gt;