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Nullifies the result value returned by the execution of a script section or the resolution of an attribute.

pc:void is the counterpart of pc:evaluate, which does return the result value.

The content of pc:void is executed without result value. The content of pc:defs is not executed at all.


<pc:void attribute="value" ... >





You can use pc:void if you are interested in having an attribute resolved (as in the Example) but you are not interested in the return value.

You can use pc:void to surround a directive or an entire script section (a set of directives) that you want to suppress the result value of.

Often, you do not need to write pc:void explicitly. It is standard behaviour in USoft Blend that the return value of pc:copy-of is automatically suppressed if the script returns (also) other output.



<pc:assign-string mystring="HelloUniverse"/>
<pc:assign-nodeset mydefs="{preceding-sibling::pc:defs/*}"/>
<pc:void select="variable:Enqueue('iamaqueue', 2)"/>
<pc:void select="variable:Enqueue('iamaqueue', 1)"/>
<pc:void select="variable:Enqueue('iamaqueue', 'somestring')"/>


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