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Builds a set of appdata or metadata from USoft Blend directives, then imports this data into a USoft repository.

"Apply" in the name of this directive refers to the fact that directives in the XML content (if any) are applied before the import itself is executed. To import one or more literal data sets, use pc:XmlImport instead.

Returns an XML document. See the "Return document" section below.


commit-mode  :=  { commit | rollback }

The required alias identifies the connection to the Rules Engine that you want to use. For aliases, see pc:RunRulesService.

The optional commit determines whether or not the operation is committed after import. Choose the "rollback" option for debugging purposes, in particular to find out if the external data violate any rules. In terms of data change, the net effect of running the operation with "rollback" is null.

directive(s) is a section of one or more USoft Blend directives from which the input data is built. This could be, for example, a <pc:copy-of ... > directive. It is possible to build and import multiple data sets.



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