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String literal is a USoft Blend data type for simple single-word, name-like strings that serve to identify objects.

In the XML model, string literals occur in a number of different contexts, notably as a text node surrounded by the start tag and end tag of an XML element, and as a simple attribute value. Because of the USoft XML format that USoft Blend often processes, in which data corresponding to database records is placed in attribute values, asimple attribute values tend to be the most relevant context for string literals processed by USoft Blend.

A string literal is a sequence made up of ASCII alphabetic characters (A-Z, a-z), hyphens ( - ), underscores ( _ ) and full stops ( . ) but not whitespace and not colons. Digits (0-9) are also allowed but not as the first character.

Examples of valid string literals include:




Examples of INVALID string literals include:



my variable




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