The USCSXSL internal component

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The USCSXSL internal RDMI component is an XSLT 1.0 processor written in .NET/C#. This XSLT processor has been extended with a library of extension functions. This added library sets USCSXSL apart from the USXSL internal component.

As an internal RDMI component, USCSXSL may be called by executing an INVOKE or SELECT statement from a USoft SQL context. For full details of this technique, see the RDMI section in the USoft Definer Help. Alternatively, you can call USCSXSL from the command line.

One typical use of USCSXSL is for it to be passed a valid USoft Blend script and to apply, to that input XML, the standard Batch.1.0.xsl transformation found in the \xsl\Util subfolder of your USoft installation directory. In this use case, USCSXSL applies an identity transformation to the Blend script.



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