USoft set processors

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USoft processes structured data sets in a set-oriented way, using primarily SQL-based and XML-based techniques.

SQL-based set processors execute SQL written in USoft constructs such as constraints, Logical Views, batch jobs, and SQL statements in other tools such as the Service Framework. A number of relational structures such as Delete Rules for relationships are also implemented using a SQL-based set processor.

XML-based set processors use XSLT to transform an XML data set (presented as an XML document) into a different XML dataset. These processors are RDMI (Rules-Driven Method Invocation) components in USoft, meaning that they can be called from a SQL context. See the USoft Definer Help for full details on RDMI.

Further XML-based components have been added to provide a full XML toolkit, especially the XML.IMPORT and XML.EXPORT methods that allow you to move relational data between repositories and exchange them between a USoft application and other software.


Both USoft XML-based set processors allow you to:

Process file-based XML as well as inline XML.

"Mix in" data sets into the input XML or into the XSLT stylesheet before the XSLT transformation is executed. For details of "mixing in", see the sections on USXSL in USoft Definer Help.

Cache compiled XML and XSLT for faster processing.

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