DataSourceContainer object

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This object contains a set of data sources.

When calling $.udb(), you can refer to data sources with arrays or simple strings, using the selection techniques below:



collapseSelecting by data source ID
collapseSelecting by data source type
collapseSelecting by name or path
collapseSelecting by frame ID


The DataSourceContainer object exposes the following functions.

When you call a function, the DataSourceContainer transfers the method to each individual data source that it contains.

The DataSourceContainer object is derived from the DataSourceMetaContainer object, in the sense that practically all DataSourceMetaContainer functions are exposed also by the DataSourceContainer object.




Function to clear the datasources' contents.


Function to clear the query conditions of the data sources in the container.


Function to create a new Rowset in the data source for some parent key


Function to iterate execution of a function for each matched data source.


Function that returns columns that are used as keys in an embedded data source.


Function to (re)query a data source.


Function to fetch a specific set of records.


Function to display or query a set of records given by a data set indicator.


Function that returns the meta data container of the first data source of its collection.


Function to remove a handler from an event.


Function that binds a handler to an event.


Function to refresh the current data set.


Function that returns the number of records.


Function to create a new record.


Function to get a collection of records.


Function to get a rowSet object of the data source for some parent key


Function to get a column of columns.


Function to modify or process a set of query conditions prior to querying it.


Function to trigger an event.