Export metadata

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1. Creates an XML metadata file by exporting all metadata from "Database account" to "Destination folder".

The output file name is "application.USD.xml".

The value of "Application" is only used to compose the filename of the destination file.

2. If a value for the optional "Added XSL" parameter is passed, applies to the result of Step 1 the XSL transformation defined as the Custom XSL of that name.

TIP 1: If the metadata is large in volume, it is not convenient to apply XSL via the "Added XSL" input parameter. In this case, consider applying the XSL to the result of "Export metadata" in a separate task step that executes the "Apply custom XSL" action.

TIP 2: Make sure you export metadata in such a way that you will not have problems re-importing the metadata later. To understand and fix frequent problems with XML imports, read the Known Problems section for the XML.Import() method in USoft Definer Help.








Database account

Database account


Destination folder

Folder or file


Added XSL

Custom XSL



An error is raised if you attempt to apply this action to a USoft application (for example: USAUTH), as opposed to the top-level application or a module.

TIP: To get metadata information about a USoft application, choose Help, USoft Repository Tables from the tool interface of that application.