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In Delivery Manager, in "Application Tables", creates or updates a list of database tables and interface tables defined for "Application".

The list of tables is read from repository if "Database account" is specified. It is read from a metadata file if "Database account" is left empty. For details, see Parameters below.

The purpose of this list is that you can specify :

which of these application tables are deliverable,

which must be skipped in create-tables scripts, and

for which an ALTER TABLE statement must be generated for it in the create-tables script, as opposed to the default CREATE TABLE statement (the Upgrade Hint setting).

If you re-run "Populate tables list", any previous Deliverable, Skipped, and Upgrade Hint settings remain unaffected.

In the case of the USAUTH application, a first-time suggestion for deliverable tables is made by USoft.

To read the table names, the application is automatically opened from repository, except when Application = USERVICE (the Service Definer application delivered by USoft), in which case the application is automatically opened from flat files.








Database account

Database account


* The "Database account" parameter is mandatory for the top-level application and optional for module applications. For module applications, the intended use is that "Database account" is left empty, in which case the tables list is populated by reading either the "module.USD.xml" metadata file from the previous release or the "module.USD.xml" metadata file from the module release folder, depending on the setting of Module Delivery Policy for the module.


The "Populate tables list" action lists database tables and interface tables, but not Logical Views and Component Tables.

Because the "Populate tables list" action does not list tables with Interface = No that are defined in modules, you cannot use the list to deliver appdata from non-interface tables in modules. For more on this, search for " Delivering modules " in USoft Community.