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1. Creates a file containing deliverable application data of "Application" by exporting from "Database account" to the \appdata folder of the current release folder. The resulting file is called "application.xml".

2. If a value for the optional "Added XSL" parameter is passed, applies to the result of Step 1 the XSL transformation defined as the Custom XSL of that name.

3. Creates, in the same \appdata folder written to in Step 1, a diff file that compares the export file created in Step 1 with the export file of the same name found in the \appdata folder of the previous release frame. The output file name is "application.diff.xml". For more details on this file, see the "Diff file format" section below.

To read the data, this action automatically opens the application from Repository, except when Application = USERVICE (the Service Definer application delivered by USoft), in which case the application is automatically opened from Flat Files.








Database account

Database account


Added XSL

Custom XSL



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