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1. Places in the \metadata directory of the current release folder an XML export file that describes the metadata of application "For application":

If "Database account" is specified, an XML export file is created by exporting the metadata from "Database account" .

If "Database account" is left empty, which is possible only if "For application" is a module application and not the top-level application, then an XML export file is copied either from the previous release or from the module release folder, depending on the setting of Module Delivery Policy for the module.

The output file name is "application.USD.xml" where application is the value of the "For application" parameter.

2. If "Database account" is specified, creates, in the same \metadata folder, a diff file that compares the XML export file created in step 1 with the XML export file of the same name found in the \metadata folder of the previous release frame. The output file name is "application.USD.diff.xml". For more details on this file, see the "Diff file format" section below.





For application



Database account

Database account





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