Release server

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You can only call this action for the "Database account" that is the database account of the "Server object".

1 .Executes the Extract servers action for "Database account". Uses the result of this action to check that "Server object" exists in "Database account":

If it does, registers sets the Publication File Path folder for "Server object" as kept in Delivery Manager, to the current Publication File Path for the server in "Database account".

If it does not, it's an error.

2. Publishes the server referred to by "Server object" from "Database account" to the server's Publication File Path folder. If "Database account" is set to a value different from the Server Object's Database Account as registered in the list of Extracted Server Objects, it's an error. The list of Extracted Server Objects is available from the Define menu.

Copies the output files and folders from the server's Publication File Path folder to the



subfolder of the current release folder.





Server object

Server object


Database account

Database account



When you call this action, if the current release has "Include attachments" = Yes, attachments for the "servers" section (if any are defined) are copied to the specified subfolder of the "servers" section folder. This happens only to attachments that have Blocked = No (the default). If a Custom XSL transformation is defined for the attachment, this transformation is applied to the output.