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A pseudo-column is an expression that you can use in the SELECT list of a SQL statement as if it were a column name, but that does not refer to a physical column in a table.

You can use pseudo-columns in SELECT output lists but also as the value of certain attributes in USoft Definer, in particular, in the Default Value attribute of Columns and Domains.




The sequence number of a given record in a query result set


The name of the USoft application user currently logged in.


The name of the USoft application user currently logged in.


The name of the user used to access the RDBMS resources.


The name of the user who owns the RDBMS objects being accessed.


The current server date.


The current server date and time.


The current server date.*


The server date and time of the first time this function is processed within the transaction.

* SYSDATE is Oracle-only. For portability to other platforms, use $$CURRENTDATE$$ or the CURRENT_DATE SQL function instead.


Pseudo-columns are similar to SQL functions that take no arguments, such as TRANSACTION_DATE(). They differ from such functions in that the call syntax does not use empty parentheses ():





Another difference is that you can use a pseudo-column, but not a SQL function, as the Default Value attribute of a Column or Domain.


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