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The NumberOfUpdateColumns Rules Engine property can be used to override the Number_Of_Update_Columns deployment parameter setting for the current deployment context and for the duration of the current session.

You can set deployment configuration parameters in USoft Authorizer for 3 different deployment contexts: Client/Server, RunBatch, and Rules Service.

This setting determines what the UPDATE statements generated by USoft will look like. For tables with column counts lower than this value, the conceptual processor will generate UPDATE statements that update all columns of the table. In this case, RDBMS cursors created for these statements are likely to be re-usable. Cursor re-use increases performance.

If the column count for a table is equal to or higher than the value of this property, UPDATE statements for the table will only mention the columns actually updated.

Setting this property

You can reset this property by executing:

SELECT RulesEngine.SetProperty( 'NumberOfUpdateColumns', 'value' )

where the required value is a positive integer.

Getting this property

You can get the current value of this property by executing:

SELECT RulesEngine.GetProperty( 'NumberOfUpdateColumns' )

This entire statement is case-insensitive, including the property name.