udb function object

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The object structure of the USoft DB Library has a global entry point for data source information. The library can be reached by the following statement:


This establishes the library as a jQuery-like plug-in, since the $ sign identifies the jQuery library and offers access to it.

Objects and functions

The udb function object exposes the following objects and functions.

NOTE: In addition to the functions listed in the table below, the udb object equally exposes all the functions listed for the udbMeta object.

Object or function



Function to get a data source with a given name.


Function that accepts the selected lookup value on the lookup page or dialog.


Function that applies a context to a settle function of a Promise object.


Function that rejects the lookup value and close the lookup page or dialog.


Function to check the data of the current record.


Function that checks if the current login is still valid.


Function to check the USoft version.


Function to clear generic host variables.


Function to close the page and return to the previous page on the stack.


Function to commit manipulated data.


Function that gives the name of the current page.


Function that gives the navigation action name that caused the current page to be displayed (for example: closePage, navigateTo).


Function that returns the stack depth of the current page; if it returns a value higher than 1, this usually indicates that a Related Page or a Lookup Page is displayed.


Function that displays a dialog in a dialog window.


Function to execute a statement.


Function to assign a value to a generic host variable.


Function to fetch a menu.


Function to group a set of requests and send them as one request.


Object used to store temporary (one-time use) host variables.


Function that displays a message to the user and a variety of input fields for user input.


Function to check for uncommitted manipulations, i.e. manipulations that have not committed to the database.


Function to check for unchecked manipulations


Function to login.


Function to logout.


Function that gives the name of the page at the start of the page navigation stack.


Function to navigate to another page.


Function to navigate to a lookup page.


Function to navigate to a related page.


Function to remove a handler from an event.


Function that binds a handler to an event.


Function that sends a single to the server to notify that the connection must be kept alive.


Function to rollback manipulated data.


Function to set a timeout event for when the application is idle (no user activity).


Collection of functions that give access to USoft web application settings and flags.


Function to show the login page.


Function showing whether the user is currently logged in.


Function showing whether the current page requires logon.


Function that gets or sets the title displayed on the tab of the browser.


Function to trigger an event.


Function to handle a file upload operation.


Function that displays a Wait Control on the user's entire screen.