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Adds a specified number of days to a date.


ADD_DAYS( date, number-of-days )

The required date must evaluate to a datetime. The required number-of-days must be an integer.


Example 1

UPDATE   tab1
SET      next_year = ADD_DAYS( SYSDATE, 365 )



Example 2

UPDATE   schedtour
SET      must_end = ADD_DAYS( start_date, 40 )
WHERE    limited = 'Y'


This is a convertible function resolved by USoft and thus supported on all RDBMS platforms.

On Oracle and SQL Server, in additions and subtractions involving a date value and a numeric value, the numeric value is automatically converted to a date value (1 is interpreted as 1 day). On JDBC/Derby, ADD_DAYS must be used to achieve this conversion.


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