Data manipulation statements

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A data manipulation statement, or statement from the Data Manipulation Language (DML) subset of SQL statements, causes a data change in the RDBMS which consists of:

adding new data (INSERT statement), or

changing existing data (UPDATE statement), or

removing existing data (DELETE statement).

USoft adds a fourth statement type to this category, the INVOKE statement, which serves to interact with RDMI components rather than directly with the RDBMS.

DML statements affects data stored in existing tables and columns. By contrast, it does not affect the naming and the structure of existing tables and columns. You need Data Definition Language (DDL) statements to change the naming and structure of tables and columns. DDL statements include CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE and DROP TABLE. USoft generates DDL statements when you choose Tools, Generate Physical Tables from the Definer menu. DDL statements are beyond the scope of this help section.



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