Multi-table document format

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A multi-table XML document is allowed to contain data from multiple tables.

This document format is produced by calls to XML.MultiExportTables (except for the usoft-xml processing instruction at the top), and is re-importable by calling XML.Import.


<? usoft-xml-processing-instruction ?>
root-element  ::=  { MultiExport | MultiImport }

The format begins with a required usoft-xml-processing-instruction. The required root element name is either "MultiExport" or "MultiImport". The root element may contain any number of table sections.


<?usoft-xml version="1.0" action="multi-tables-import"?>
      <PERSON ID="177" FAMILY_NAME="Haynes" FIRST_NAME="Deborah"/>
      <PERSON ID="112" FAMILY_NAME="Smith" FIRST_NAME="John"/>
      <EMPLOYEE ID="50" FAMILY_NAME="Mbouna" DEPT="Sales"/>
      <EMPLOYEE ID="112" FAMILY_NAME="Patel" DEPT="Sales"/>


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