Table section syntax

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A table section is an XML fragment that describes a set of records from the same table. Table sections are used in single-table XML documents and multi-table XML documents. A table section may contain any number of elements corresponding to records in the table.


<underscored-object-name-plural documentName="object-name-plural">

  { <table column="value" column="value" ... />  |
    <table column="value" column="value" ... > <dml-instruction-tag/> </table> }

Underscored-object-name-plural is the table's Object Name Plural with spaces (if any) replaced by underscores ( _ ) and underscores (if any) replaced by a sequence of 2 underscores (__). Object-name-plural is the table's Object Name Plural with spaces (if any) unreplaced by underscores.

Table and column are database table names and database column names as defined in USoft Definer. If you want XML.Import to import a table element, the element MUST contain a primary key value, or multiple values if the parent key spans multiple columns. Otherwise it's an error.

Table elements have column attributes but are otherwise empty: they do not contain child elements or other contents. The only exception to this is that a table element can contain an optional dml-instruction-tag, which is either an <Insert>, <Update>, or <Delete> element.



<Accredited_Persons documentName="Accredited Persons">
    <PERSON ID="177" FAMILY_NAME="Haynes" FIRST_NAME="Deborah"/>
    <PERSON ID="112" FAMILY_NAME="Smith" FIRST_NAME="John"/>


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