Blend resources

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Blend resources are code examples of frequently used Blend scripts that USoft supplies for your convenience and that you can tweak to your specific needs.

Blend resources are not systematically listed and described in this Reference Guide, for a number of reasons: many have themselves the purpose of offering a form of documentation or listing; many are self-explanatory; they are supplied as sample code rather than as enabling product; they are not guaranteed to be continued; some have alpha or beta status.

You can get the usoft-bindir by querying:

SELECT  RulesEngine.GetProperty( 'BinDir' )


To get a list of USoft Blend resources, run from the command line:

usoft-bindir\ublendit.exe resources

To get the example code of (for example) the AskValue resource, run:

usoft-bindir\ublendit.exe getresource:AskValue

To write this example code to a file, run:

usoft-bindir\ublendit.exe getresource:AskValue >AskValue.xml

To call (run, execute) this example code, run:

usoft-bindir\ublendit.exe resource:AskValue

To call (run, execute) this example code from a file, run:

usoft-bindir\ublendit.exe AskValue.xml



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