Blend utilities

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Blend utilities are ready-made, stand-alone Blend scripts for general needs that teams often have. You can simply call (run, execute) these scripts when you need them. Rather than design-time building blocks, utilities are runtime software. The only relationship with Blend is that they happen to be Blend implementations technically.

Blend utilities are not systematically listed and described in this Reference Guide. They are supplied as simple gadgets for immediate use and are not guaranteed to work the same in the future. Some popular utilities such as CloneUDevelop are discussed on USoft Community.

You can get the usoft-bindir by querying:

SELECT  RulesEngine.GetProperty( 'BinDir' )


To get a list of currently available USoft Blend utilities with a short explanatory text, run from the command line:


To get a more complete list including utilities for advanced developers and utilities with alpha/beta status, run:

usoft-bindir\ublendit.exe help

To run (for example) the newudevelop utility, run:

usoft-bindir\ublendit.exe newudevelop



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