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The timeout event may be called from web pages developed in Web Designer and processed by a USoft page engine service.


Applies to

Occurs when


<body> DOM element

User is idle for a longer period than the time-out period

This event occurs when the idle time exceeds the time-out period set for the application. The idle time is the time during which the user does not perform any action causing a server call. Actions leading to a server call include new queries and commits.

NOTE: The timeout event is different from other top-level events in that it is bound to the entire application. It is attached directly to the body element of the HTML document (or rather, the body element as a DOM node), as the code example shows.


By default, when the user remains inactive for longer than the specified time-out period, the login page is displayed. You can use the timeout event to replace this default behaviour by something else.

How to use

Create an explicit event handler by calling $.udb.on() for the body element:

$("body").on("timeout", function(evt, options) { 

  alert("This is the timeout event"); 


You can create and remove the event handler dynamically:

function OnTimeOut(event,options){