USCSXSL internal component

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The USCSXSL internal RDMI component is an XSLT 1.0 processor written in .NET/C#. This XSLT processor has been extended with a library of extension functions. This added library sets USCSXSL apart from the USXSL internal component. Over and above the standard XSLT 1.0 processing offered by USXSL, USCSXSLallows you to access extension functions:

XSLT 2.0-like functions and other convenience functions,

The ability to store values in variables during XSLT processing,

The possibility to add interactive behaviour (dialogs).

The USCSXSL component is used to run USoft Blend scripts. For an explanation, please search "Blend" on USoft Community. This typically involves calling USCSXSL as a Blend processor from the command line by calling the ublendit.exe executable.

To call USCSXSL from a USoft context, you can call the following methods:





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