Web Benchmark target control properties

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The following properties are common to multiple different actions. They are actions where a target control must be identified.

Target control property


Source frame

The object name of the HTML frame that is the context in which the target control is found.

Reference name

A string such as "S_PERSON_NAME" that identifies the target control in the context of a web page. USoft has created a default way of identifying controls, keeping human readability in mind, and avoiding generated numbers.


The reference name of a control appears in the generated HTML as the value of the testref HTML attribute.


Roughly, the reference name of a database-related input control is made up of:

A prefix: S_ for search control, E_ for single-record edit control, ME_ for multi-record edit control;

A data source name ("PERSON" in "S_PERSON_NAME");

A column name ("NAME" in "S_PERSON_NAME")

The reference name of a non-database-related GUI control is usually the name of the HTML surface element, for example, "TitleLabel" for the title across an info page.

Occurrence rank

The occurrence rank of the target control among controls with the same reference name within the web page. The first control has Occurrence rank = 1, the second has Occurrence rank = 2 and so on.

Occurrence ranks are only of interest if multiple controls exist with the reference name. This happens in structures that duplicate controls, such as in Grid Controls or Replicated Columns Controls.

Record row index

The sequence number of the occurrence of the target control's database record in a structure that holds multiple database records of the same type in a multi-record display, especially in GridControls and ReplicatedColumnControls.

This characteristic applies only if the target control is a member of a multi-record control, in which case that multi-record control must be specified as the context control. You do that by setting Context reference name and Context occurrence rank.

Context reference name

The reference name (see above) of the control that is the context control of the action's target control.

Context occurrence rank

The occurrence rank (see above) of the control that is the context control of the action's target control.