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Gets the keys string of a row set. This keys string represents the parent keys that the row set refers to. If the row set does not refer to parent keys, the result value is undefined.

Returns an object.

TIP: To get the keys string as a string, use .keysString() instead.





Example 1

if (this.activeParentKey === null || this.activeParentKey === dsc.rowSet(pRef).keyValues()) {




Example 2

This example returns the keys string of the parent TOUR record that the current row set refers to:


Assuming that TOUR has a composite primary key spanning 2 columns, an example value for such a keys string is:

{"1.DS59": { "$60" : "AUSTRALIA", "$61" : "ISLAND SUNTANNER" } }


For more on keys strings, go to the Rowset help topic.


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