.select( "multiple" )

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Changes the selection state of the current row. Contrast with the Rows.select( "multiple", value) function, which changes the selection state of rows in a set.

Returns the multiple selection value of the first row object. This value indicates whether the row is in the set of rows currently selected. If this is the case, the row is not necessarily the current row.


.select( "multiple" )

The required literal string "multiple" distinguishes this function from the Rows.select(options) function.

NOTE: Before the .select operation is performed, the 'rowpreselect' event is triggered. if the event handler sets the 'success' member of the result object parameter to false, then the action is aborted and the current row will not change. Otherwise, the action is performed and following it, the 'rowpostselect' event is triggered as a final step.


See also

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