colpreupdate event

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The colpreupdate event occurs before a value in a column is updated. You can use this event to change the new value before it is actually set.

Pass in a function and use properties of the options parameter. The following properties are exposed:


The value that the column is updated to


The column being updated


The indexes of the affected rows


Example 1

This example tacitly sets a new age value to 18 if the value that the user attempts to update this column to is lower than 18:

$.udb("EMP").on("colpreupdate", function(evt, options) {

  if (this.rows('current').cols("AGE").val() < 18)

    option.value = 18;


If the context of your code is such that the updated column is known to be the AGE column, you can abbreviate to:

$.udb("EMP").on("colpreupdate", function(evt, options) {

  if (options.col.val() < 18)

    option.value = 18;



Example 2

This example replaces any empty values by the value "Unknown":

$.udb("EMP").on("colpreupdate", function(evt, options) {

  if (options.value == "")

    option.value = "Unknown";



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