Authorization Steps

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You start by defining the application, and assigning an owner to it. The owner must be a registered user of the application.

Next, after analyzing the organization and the tasks to be carried out, you can define the different user groups for the application, and assign users to user groups. All users must of course be registered as users of the application.

Using the Authorizer tools, you can then populate the Authorizer tables with the table and column definitions from the application.

At this point, all users of the application have all rights for all tables and columns. If you want to authorize some users for only certain tables, you must now specify the appropriate table and column rights, as necessary. If you also want some users to be restricted only to certain table records, you can specify extra conditions to select these records via table and/or column conditions.

Finally, you must check the conditions, and then actually grant these rights, using the Authorizer tools.