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When a web service provider is created (after clicking the Create Web Service button in the Definer, or after using the Publish a Web Service Provider wizard in the Authorizer), three files are generated with the same name: an .asp, .inc and .xml file.

The ASP file is the actual entry point of the web service. This is the Access Point File specified in the Web Service Provider window (in the Definer) or the Associated Web Services window (in the Authorizer).

The INC file and XML file are configuration files. The INC file contains general settings of the service: the service name (SERVICE_NAME), the configuration xml document used (XML_DOC), the application name (APP_NAME), the user name (USER_NAME) and password (PASSWORD) to connect to the rules service, the host name (HOST) and port number (PORT) that the rules service is using, and an indicator that specifies if the web service should run in debug mode (DEBUG). If the user is a USoft Encrypted user, then the password in the INC file is encrypted.

The XML file contains settings for each web service method: whether the method is synchronous or asynchronous (METHOD_CALL) and whether the method is document-oriented or rpc-oriented (OPERATION_STYLE).