How the CREDENTIALSCHECK Table Component Works

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If Validation Agent of the user is set to 'External Service', the Rules Engine calls the 'sql' method of the CredentialsCheck component with the following arguments:

· User group


· User name


· Validation agent


· Password read from the Authorizer table


· Password supplied by the user


· Ticket


· Date of the last change of the password

The component compares the password provided by the Authorizer with the one provided by the user. If they are not the same, the component returns an empty string. If they are the same, it returns the following string:

INSERT INTO CredentialsCheck VALUES ('<usergroup>', '<username>', '<validation agent>', '<password stored in the Authorizer>', '<password given by the user>', '<ticket>', '<date of the last change>')

This SQL statement is then executed by the Rules Engine. By executing this statement, the Rules Engine checks the rules set in the CREDENTIALSCHECK table and then calls the Insert method of the CredentialsCheck component.