How to Assign Menus to User Groups

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To assign a menu to a user group:

1. Choose User Groups from the Define menu.

The User Groups window appears.

2. For each application for which you want to assign a menu to a user group:
· Perform a query on the name of the application for which you are defining a user group menu. User groups associated with this application are retrieved.


· For the user group in question, type the name of the client-server and/or Web menu page that is to be the entry point into the menu system for this user group. This "first page" contains the items that will appear in the menu bar (e.g. File, Edit, Options, Editor, Window, and Help). The menu object that you select as first page must itself be a menu.
3. Save your changes.


Click the Update button, and the Update User Rights window appears. For more information, see "How to Grant and Update Access Rights".


Click the Authorize button to specify authorization privileges on an application for a user group. The Authorize User Group wizard appears. Enter the requested information in each of the wizard's dialogs.