How to Define a Deployment Configuration

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To define a deployment configuration:

1. To start with, determine if you want to define a deployment configuration yourself, or if you want to take an existing or default configuration as a starting point.

USoft Authorizer provides one default configuration.

2. To define a deployment configuration yourself choose Define, Deployment Configurations from the menu bar.
3. If you want to take an existing configuration as a starting point, double-click on the configuration name in the Authorizer project catalog (Deployment Configurations subnode).

Click the Copy button in the top right corner, fill out a name for your new configuration, and press OK.

To make your new configuration accessible from the catalog, click View, Refresh Catalog.

4. Make sure the Changeable checkbox is cleared because otherwise you are not allowed to change any of the settings.
5. Set or reset additional parameters as required, both for On Line and RunBatch processing, and Save/Commit.